Coaching for High Performing Teams

Working with others is at the very heart of all we do and especially in the workplace.

Team performance is vital to the real health and effectiveness of organisations. Many teams are not high performing.

Team coaching can have real impact on the performance and dynamics within teams. Working in real time we can help teams work better together, with others and their wider context to achieve strategic goals to develop sustainable change while developing trusting relationships.

What is Team Coaching?

We know that really high performing and successful teams have a number of things in common.

  • They know why they exist. They have a clear purpose, focus and align their strategic goals to this purpose.
  • They feel safe with each and bonded to a greater purpose than individual goals.
  • They create a collective synergy and enjoy working together.
  • They achieve results and grow relationships.

We know from our experience that these things don’t just happen by chance. Many teams are
challenged by one or all of the above and the dynamics can get in the way of the mechanics. Making communication, healthy conversations and performance a real challenge.

Our approach to team coaching is generative. We co-creative with a core focus on helping senior teams do their best work together.

How Does it Work?

At FMC, we have many years of experience working with teams in organisations from all industries sector and sizes.

We have been part of numerous teams and also been the leaders of many for global organisations. All this together with our team coaching training and continuous professional development allows us to bring a practice of team coaching steeped in best practice and support by much research.

Our Approach to Team Coaching

We take a three staged approach to our team coaching work.

1. Awareness

What is now? What can we learn from the current reality. We do this through digging deep into the system, the relationships, the power dynamics, mindsets, assumptions and beliefs.

2. Ambition

Who do you want to become as a team? What will be different? What is the real benefit of doing the work as a team.

3. Bridge

What is the gap? Build the bridge to close the gap between current reality and ambition. We have a number of diagnostics, assessments that support our team coaching though we really believe that the team coach will be the most important instrument who will support and challenge you to chart your journey.

Is your team ready?