Executive & Leadership Coaching

“Coaching focuses on future possibilities not past mistakes.”

Sir John Whitmore

Our basic premise of coaching is that people have all the wisdom and resources within to solve their own challenges and to achieve their goals.

Our goal of coaching is to help clients to stop and question the thoughts and behaviours that may be limiting their view of themselves and the world they are observing and to open up new possibilities/way forward to achieve their goals and aspirations.

A helpful framework to support our work with clients is the Prosci model of change. We know for sure that people who succeed in changing their own behaviour do not apply a specific model or theory and different interventions are needed depending on the stage of their journey.

Wherever you are on your journey , we can help you get there.

Stages of Change Framework: Prosci

1. Precontemplation

“It isn’t that I can’t see the solution: I just can’t see the problem.”

2. Contemplation

“I know I ought to do something and I am thinking about it.”

3. Preparation

“I have made up my mind and I am making plans about what I want to do.”

4. Action

“I am experimenting and taking intentional steps/making choices to change my behaviour.”

5. Maintenance

“I am intentionally embedding new habits and behaviours with support of others to avoid lapsing back into old / unhelpful ways.”

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a purposeful conversation between the client and the coach to support the thinking and changes that the client wants to make.

It is not a linear process and sometimes it can get a bit messy as new insights emerge.

It is a safe place and the coach’s role is to hold the space and support the client with their goals.

As coaches at FMC we are privileged to partner and be a sounding board for many experienced leaders. We are always learning along the way too. We have coached 100s of leaders so far and recognise the uniqueness that each person brings to our coaching work together.

Coaching is relational and confidentiality is the foundation of every conversation. We are very aware of the constant pressures and challenges faced by our clients and we invite and support them to bring their whole best and wonderful self into each session.

How Does it Work?

Executive coaching allows clients the chance to step back from their busy lives, press the ‘pause’ button and reflect. A rarity for many.

Our conversations are varied though we believe that who you are is how you lead, so conversations will usually allow for time on self-awareness, character and emotional maturity.

We use a conversational reflective inquiry approach, asking questions and reflecting back, holding up the mirror and challenging with absolute compassion and positive regard, to help clients develop a more intentional and connected leadership way of being.

We then support clients to work out a new / amended path to embed their insights and learnings.

Our Approach to Executive Coaching

1. Readiness

We have a conversation using our readiness diagnostic so we can understand if coaching is the right thing for you and our work will support you charting your course.

We may use a more structured approach to self-awareness and emotional intelligence like a personality profiling tool or seek feedback on your behalf.

We agree a plan and commit.

2. The coaching work

Depending on our contract, we work usually for 90min sessions together virtually or face to face (if location permits) over a 3-9 month timeframe.

We work on real world challenges and activities. We explore behaviours, mindsets, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and ambitions to enhance your leadership and business performance.

We track progress and feedback to each other.

3. Maintain and sustain

We have follow-up session after our work, to focus on maintenance and support with challenges. Our goal is that you become your own ‘everyday coach’.