Leadership Development

Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.

Echart Tolle

Leadership Development

Leadership doesn’t just happen because of a title. Leadership development with Future Motion Coaching works to enhance your leadership capability and competence across all levels and roles. Examples include:

  • One to one coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Strategic team development
  • Strategy workshops
  • Essential leadership skills
  • Executive leadership programmes

Leadership Development with FMC

We all know that good leadership drives performance and is intrinsically linked to an organisation’s overall profitability. We also know it is easier to talk about leadership than be a leader. That is why we take a very pragmatic approach to all our work with clients and organisations.

Whilst we are pragmatic, we use best practice and sense making research to build our programmes on. We know it can be tough to lead, inspire, motivate and drive productivity and yet we know that great people leaders are essential to the success of every team and organisation.

At Future Motion Coaching, we develop leadership skills and capabilities across the organisation from the first time leaders to senior executives who would seek further development. We love growth mindsets.

Our development programmes are designed to meet your specific needs. We do not do “off the shelf” development.

How We Can Help

We can develop your leadership potential in the following ways:

  • Attract and retain your talent so that capability is aligned to competence and culture.
  • Ensure that your leadership development programme is fully aligned with your organisation’s infrastructure and practices.
  • Seek a blended approach to development, workshops, face to face and virtual as well as self directed and more accountable professional and personal growth.
  • Make Leadership development a key benefit throughout your organisation.
  • Make leadership happen from every seat.

The Future Motion Coaching 3 Stage Approach

1. Alignment

Understand your strategic drivers so that development interventions are carefully aligned with your organisation’s strategic goals. What are your expected outcomes? What types of development are most aligned to your culture and ambition?

2. Design

We design development programmes that challenge and support growth and ambition. We expect your talent to step up and explore their leadership style, emotional maturity and make their desired changes happen.

3. Deliver and sustain

We partner with all our clients and participants to set bold goals and deliver them on . We help you connect with your why and we equip you with a pragmatic toolkit that will sustain the changes and help you deal with real life challenges participants,

Developing mindset and behavioural change of individuals and teams will empower leaders to contribute to your organisation’s success.

Are you ready?